FAB Ltd. was established in 1978 as an audio/video engineering services company. The owners being audio/video engineers, helped the company to win and execute many projects in North Cyprus, such as turn-key PA Sound Systems for airports, mosques and school auditoriums, Satellite Distribution Systems for hotels and apartment blocks, anti-theft security surveillance/alarm systems in shopping malls and libraries and turn-key FM and TV stations from microphone/camera to antenna.

To be able to bid for engineering projects, the company collaborated with many reputable companies like TOA, SONY, SOUNDCRAFT, TEAC, DB ELETTRONICA, CELESTION, SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA, STRAND, STUDER, REVOX, WISI, SPAUN, DIALOC and LEADER. We still hold the exclusive distributorship of SONY Professional Studio Broadcast Equipment, TOA PA systems, DB Elettronica TV and FM transmitters, TEAC Audio Equipment, WISI Satellite Distribution Systems and SOUNDCRAFT Audio Mixers.

Later, a second department, handling household appliances and brown goods was established. To support this, distributorship agreements was signed with SANSUI in 1982 and with AEG and MITSUBISHI in July 1992.

In September 1997 a distribution agreement was signed with VESTEL which is an OEM company for brown and white goods.

In January 2001, a third department, handling car sales was established. A contract was signed with PEUGEOT France for the distribution of PEUGEOT cars in North Cyprus. We became operational in April 2002.

In February 2002, a fourth department, handling household textiles was established. A contract was signed with LINENS, for the distribution of their textile products in North Cyprus.

In January 2003 a distributorship agreement was signed with JVC for the distribution of JVC TV and Audio Products in North Cyprus.

In September 2002, our sister company Kalit Ltd. was established and was appointed as the importers of Ssangyong brand vehicles. The brand was launched in May 2005. Although we have minimum sales activity with SSangyong, we still continue to provide full after sales services to all SSangyong vehicles sold in North Cyprus.

In August 2013, we have been appointed as the distributors for GEELY cars in North Cyprus. Brand inauguration took place in March 2014.

As seen from above, our company has steadily grown from a small company in 1978 to rank in the first 10 in North Cyprus. Our way of business does not change; Honesty, full faith in the brands we represent and the desire to always exceed the expectations of our customers.